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Making A Marriage Better With The “Fib”


have a theory: If women didn’t fib to their husbands, I Love Lucy never could have existed. The loose-with-the-truth, always-in-a-jam redhead lied to her husband, Ricky, about everything from how much she paid for her hats to the ploys she and Ethel devised to meet certain celebrities.

As a marital strategist, Lucy was on to something. Though the Ten Commandments are definitive on the topic of lying, you will notice there is nothing in the marriage vows, at least not in so many words, that precludes occasional straying from the straight and factual. It’s a good thing too. Just as a car needs gas to run, I think the best marriages hum along very nicely on love, caring, consideration, mutual respect, and the well-timed whopper.

Of course, we’re not talking about the sort of lies that would guarantee you a chat with Sally Jessy. In

Winning Women!

wwthe rapist might have thought he’d gotten away with the vicious crime. Although he was serving time for robbery, the cops had never nailed him for an earlier offense, a 1994 attack on a teenage girl. And after seven years, he might have thought they never would.

Wrong. On March 9, 2001, Lori Gaglione, a detective in the Milwaukee police department’s sexual assault unit, got a call from the crime lab linking that man to the rape. The call also proved that, thanks to an ingenious program Gaglione had developed, the police could nab many more creeps who think they’ve gotten away with rape. “They can’t hide!” says the elated 17-year veteran of the force.

Gaglione’s program combines high-tech science with shrewd legal maneuvering. When a woman is sexually assaulted, specially trained nurses or doctors prepare a rape kit, collecting any evidence–blood, semen, pubic hair